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Published: 21st February 2012
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CoQ10, or Coenzyme Q10, is a vital antioxidant found in every cell of our bodies. It is also known as ubiquinol. It was not discovered until 1957, and was not available inexpensively until the last decade. Low CoQ10 levels are associated with many illnesses and medical conditions. Taking CoQ10 helps with coronary heart problems, many types of cancers, neurodegenerative diseases, periodontal issues, diabetes, and many other conditions. Taking CoQ10 slows down the aging process, builds up the immune system.

CoQ10 comes in supplements that range from 100 to 300 mg. They should be taken with dietary fat if it is not in an oil based capsule. There are few side effects, but some people have complained of gastrointestinal upset and diarrhea when taken on an empty stomach.

Taking CoQ10 can also help you age slower. It will slow down the aging process, which is basically caused by oxidative cell stress. CoQ10 will also help you build up your immune system. This will help increase the white cell count in the blood, which is very important for immunity. It also increases the power of the macrophages to help with stronger immunity. CoQ10 also raises your immunoglobin G levels for stronger immunity. Research has shown that AIDS patients can benefit from the supplementation of CoQ10.

One of the most important uses of Coq10 is in limiting heart disease. It has been seen that people who are at high risk of heart failure can considerably benefit from Coq10, because various studies have found a certain link between heart failure and abnormally low levels of this nutrient, especially with the low levels being present in the muscles of the heart itself.

No need for long stories, here are 5 simple tips that have been proven by millions of men and women as being effective in slowing down the aging process and make you look and feel younger than your age.

CoQ10 also is beneficial for many other illnesses and medical conditions. It has also been shown that diabetics have low levels of CoQ10 (Medicine v7: 1976). This would also include other blood sugar metabolism problems such as hypoglycemia, low blood sugar. People with various lung diseases have been shown to have low levels of CoQ10 (Clin. Invest. V71:1993). Those suffering from lung diseases such as asthma, COPD and bronchitis may benefit from taking 100mg of CoQ10. Infertility is another huge problems in America. This comes from, like many other medical conditions, poor diet and lifestyle. Evidence has shown that CoQ10 can help with low sperm counts and inability to conceive. Other studies have shown that CoQ10 helps in sports performance and physical endurance, which would also help improve ones sex life.

It may also help regulate blood sugar levels because when taken in controlled amounts, it has been shown to improve the functions of the cells that line the blood vessels. There was some concern, though, that this might lead to hypoglycemia, a condition characterized by a sudden decrease in blood sugar. However, two studies indicated that diabetics who took this supplement twice a day showed no signs of hypoglycemia, which might indicate that it is safe to use for people with diabetes.

CoQ Matrix is a combination of 50 mg of Ubiquinol combined with Vitamin D3 and Vitamin E in the form of d-alpha tocopherol, arguably the best form of Vitamin E. Regular supplementation with CoQ10 may be secondary in importance only to a daily multi-vitamin.

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